Quang Nam Province Ethnic Festival

Running throughout 2018, the Quang Nam Province Ethnic Festival in Hoi An is organized by the Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the People’s Committee of Hoi An city and six mountainous districts of Quang Nam: Nam Giang, Tay Giang, Dong Giang, Phuoc Son, Nam Tra My and BacTra My.

The festival will take place at the corner of Hoang Van Thu street and Nguyen Thai Hoc street, An Hoi Sculpture Garden, the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum (26 Phan Boi Chau street) to honor the cultural values of the ethnicities in Quang Nam, as well as to preserve and promote their culture to the tourists.

Visitors are treated to a number of fascinating performances by the ethnic minority people such as folk dancing, singing and playing traditional musical instruments. In addition, traditional crafts like brocade weaving as well as agricultural products and handmade souvenirs will be showcased at the event.

The first ethnic festival of the year will take place in Hoi An on the 31st of January, 2018 (the 15th day of lunar month). The 25th of August event will see the following ethnic groups in attendance: Cadong, Cor, Cotu and Boonoong.

        • The 1st : 31st January 2018 – Tay Giang district (Cơ tu)
        • The 2nd : Fri 2nd March 2018 – Bac Tra My district (Cor)
        • The 3rd : Sat 31st March 2018 – Dong Giang district (CơTu )
        • The 4th : Mon 30th April 2018 – Phuoc Son district (Bhnoong)
        • The 5th : Tue 29th May 2018 – Nam Giang district (Ve,Tà Riềng)
        • The 6th : Thu 25th August 2018 – 4 groups of ethnicities from 04 districts (Tay Giang, Bac Tra My, Nam Tra My and Phuoc Sơn)
        • The 8th : Wed 21st November 2018 Nam Giang district (Cơtu)
        • The 9th : Fri 21st December 2018 Đong Giang district (Cơtu)

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