Dear Jen,

Do you remember how we had made a promise to travel together on your 30th birthday? Suri and I are having an awesome time in Vietnam. We are now in the old town of Hoi An and staying at the Palm Garden Resort. Jen, what do you think about celebrating your 30th birthday here next year?

Every corner in the Palm Garden Resort has its own characteristics, from the vegetable garden and wooden bridge to where the palm trees are lined up. What I love the most is the green pasture that surrounds the pool and stretches out to the beach. You will feel completely immersed in nature once you set your bare feet onto the pasture. the softness of the grass, the melodic rhythms of the waves flapping at the shore and the tender caresses of the wind will take your breath away. The beauty of Cu Lao Cham Island can be spotted from afar behind the fishing boats, and is amazingly picturesque at dawn.

You can choose either the free shuttle bus from the resort or get a taxi for 90,000 VND to get to the old town, but we chose to rent a bike since the distance was only 5km. Our route to the old town was filled with sights of vast rice fields and white storks flying. At the town you will find rows of moss-covered houses, bright and colorful lanterns around every corner, floating candles along the river, and amazing street food, all of which make Hoi An so unique. the best time to visit the town is early in the morning from 5-7 am or late in the evening when it is most tranquil, as recommended by Tu, our friendly resort staff.

Numerous colorful lanterns hung up in the garden and beautiful dances reminding me Cailin’s fantastic dance moves in charming melodies at her graduation party made the Palm Garden Resort’s New Year’s Eve so exciting. I wish all of us could be here at the countdown so that I could give you a big kiss. We were immersed in the fragrant glasses of wine and enjoyed all the delicious food prepared by excellent chefs of Palm Garden Resort that you will surely be enchanted.

We will give you more details on Hoi An when we come back in January.